Try Effective 5 Home Remedies That Work As Warts Treatment


    Try Effective 5 Home Remedies That Work As Warts Treatment

    Warts are the skin infection which is caused due to viral. These are the small, round and oval growth on the body parts. It is the painless and benign skin condition but it looks weird to have this patchy growth on your skin. In rare cases, this skin infection can also be painful and it generally affects hands, legs, and genitals. People generally go for surgical or cryogenic removal for warts treatment but here we would like to describe some kitchen ingredients that can be tried to get rid of warts.

    1. Aloe vera is having many medical and cosmetic properties so proved as the best remedy for many skin and beauty conditions. As it is high in malic acid so can be used for warts also. Simply you can take a leaf and can rub the aloe vera gel on infected skin part for best results.
    2. A paste of baking powder and castor oil can also be applied to get rid of warts. You can simply rub the paste on the affected area and can cover it with a bandage overnight. To eliminate warts completely try this remedy repeatedly for many nights.
    3. Apple cider vinegar is having acidic properties so can be kept on the affected skin and then the area can be covered with an adhesive bandage overnight for best results.
    4. Banana peel is also considered as the best remedy for warts as the enzymes in banana peel can heal and rejuvenate the wart and its antimicrobial properties can remove warts from roots.
    5. Garlic is having allicin in it so its antimicrobial properties can fight against any type of bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasites so cloves of garlic can be rubbed directly on the skin warts for an effective outcome.

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