Things to Expect during Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery


    Things to Expect during Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

    When men undergo the procedure of gynecomastia it is essential that they follow the instructions and guidelines properly. This is an important factor to get the best results of the surgery and also recover smoothly. In case you have undergone the surgery, then use the information given in this topic.

    What to expect in the recovery phase

    • Chest area getting swollen


    Following the gynecomastia surgery, the pecs will get swollen and becomes tender. Although with time it will subside and keep in mind the body will heal unevenly. It means just one side of the chest is swollen. But, if the difference is strong then do consult your cosmetic surgeon right away. To see desired results you need to wait for 3 months.

    • Scarring


    Incisions with time will become unnoticeable color and it needs one year to heal properly. To reduce the redness scar gel is recommended by the surgeon.

    • Scar tissue


    In some cases, patients notice their chest has lump bump areas as it is scar tissue formation which is common.

    • Low energy level


    For around 8 weeks, the energy level will be low. You should drink lots of water and eat healthy food. Also, make sure you get enough sleep.

    • Itching


    In the recovery phase, the incisions start feeling itchy and this is a normal part of recovery. But avoid this it can lead to further irritation. To minimize discomfort use hydrocortisone cream.

    • Nipple sensitivity


    For 3 months the nipples might lose sensation or hypersensitive. It goes away and the nerves start healing which triggers sharp pain. This means your body is progressing in the healing phase.

    • Emotional breakdown


    Emotional ups and downs are part of the healing process which can happen at any point after the surgery. Keep in mind that it is normal. If you feel low then you should talk to your friends, or family or join a support group.

    What should be kept in mind

    • Nausea


    The anesthesia given in surgery helps in avoiding nausea. In case you feel nauseous then take Zofran tablet. Antibiotics and medications should be taken with food and as prescribed by the surgeon.

    • Activity


    Following surgery, you need to take a rest. At some point, you can walk around for 15 minutes every hour which improves blood circulation. Make sure you do not lift anything more than 5 pounds.

    • Hydration


    In the recovery phase, you should drink a lot of fluids.

    • Ice


    For 2 days apply ice packs or gel packs, but do not apply directly on the skin. Following surgery, the skin is numb so you might not feel cold from the ice, which can result in a burning sensation.

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