Signs of Varicose Veins Getting Serious


    Signs of Varicose Veins Getting Serious

    Nowadays, it is a common problem faced by obese people and pregnant women while sleeping at night. Some people neglect this problem and later on they suffer from different diseases. Here in this topic, we are going to talk about the views on the signs of varicose veins of getting dangerous in detail.


    Varicose veins are explained as enlarged veins, twisted and swollen veins that appear dark purple or blue. Varicose veins affect the legs of the human body which happens when the faulty valves in veins permit the flow of blood in the wrong direction. This problem is commonly faced by pregnant women or obese people. If you suffer from this problem then you should consult the proficient doctor to get accurate varicose veins treatment to cure your problem.

    Symptoms of varicose veins getting dangerous:-

    If you overlooked the symptoms of varicose veins then you may face different diseases, which are shown below:-

    Hyperpigmentation:- If you neglect the symptoms of varicose veins and left uncured, it will lead to excess blood flow into the tissue of the human leg. Thus, you will feel inflammation and swelling because the part of your skin turned to dark as well as discolored.

    Lipodermatosclerosis:- When you left the varicose veins untreated for a long period then there will be an inflammation in the leg that affects the tissues. Later on, the tissues will become heavy and firm and you may feel tenderness in that area which is affected, which makes it difficult for you to move. When the tissues of the legs become hard and stiffen, this situation refers to the lipodermatosclerosis.

    Venous Leg Ulcer:- This situation is explained as chronic venous insufficiency which happens when the patient’s vein treatment is not treated properly on time. It happens on the skin areas which breaks to reveal flesh underneath. If you overlooked this condition then you suffer more. You may feel irritated due to the discomfort of the legs.

    Spontaneous Bleeding:When the varicose veins are not cured on time then the skin walls get closer to the varicose vein. If you neglect the slightest scratch then it may result in excessive blood loss.

    Superficial Thrombophlebitis:- When you feel inflammation of the veins beneath the skin surface then you suffer from superficial thrombophlebitis. Which happens due to the decrease in the flow of blood or due to the weakening of veins. You may feel pain and swelling on legs or the skin turns red. Moreover, it becomes hard for you to walk.

    Varicose Veins Specialist

    Patients who are suffering from varicose vein should seek advice from the skin doctor by visiting the reputed skin clinics.

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