Is Shaving during Laser Hair Removal Procedures Recommended?


Is Shaving during Laser Hair Removal Procedures Recommended?

Normally, laser hair removal procedures are executed at intervals, whereby some have a period of 3 weeks or a month. During this time, it is common that you will witness hair growth on your skin since the treatment procedure is not yet complete. In other cases, some patients may face an obstacle of returning for the treatment due to finances or work schedules.

According to the best dermatologist, it is okay to shave during the laser hair removal intervals provided you follow the tips below;

  • Do not wax, use hair cream removal or pluck

We all have our favorite approaches to removing body hair, but once you decide to undergo laser hair removal in India, it is best to use a simple manual shaver. Do not use an electric shaver.


The lasers used in the dermatology clinics utilize a concentrated beam of light that targets the pigment (melanin) found in the hair follicles. Using electric shavers, creams, or plucking may disguise the melanin, which may interfere with your results.

It is recommended that you shave gently to avoid damaging the skin.

  • Don’t shave two days or hours before the procedure

Laser hair removal procedures are intended for this purpose and in some cases, the dermatologist may need to observe the rate at which your hair grows for the right treatment approach


Shaving a day or a few hours to your hair removal procedure may also leave your skin irritated and wounded, which may generate a way for complications.

  • If possible, leave the skin to rest

In case your treatment procedures are scheduled within a short period, it is better to leave your skin and let the dermatologist do his or her work. Let your dermatologist provide you with shaving tips as per your skin and body hair anatomy.

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