How Scrubs May Damage Your Face ?


    How Scrubs May Damage Your Face ?

    Scrubs are one of the immediate skin treatment or you can call them a solution to a number of skin issues such as acne, pigmentation, blackheads, dark spots, and sun damage among others. There are a variety of scrubs, both natural and exotic scrubs that can be attained in spas, cosmetic shops or even in supermarkets.

    However, the best dermatologist in Phagwara, doctor Mohan says that certain scrubs are extremely harsh for the skin and may cause damage in the long run.

    Excessive scrubbing of your skin, especially the face may leave your face vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays, pigmentation, sunburn, and damage to the deeper layers of the skin.

    As often as you use a certain scrub, make sure to complete the procedure with a good moisturizer or a protective skin product.

    Are scrubs harmful to the skin?

    The ingredients used to make a scrub may render it harmful or suitable for a skin. Those with a sensitive skin type may suffer immense damage in case they frequently use a certain kind of scrub that is extremely strong or harsh for their skin.

    Exotic scrubs or those made with more salt may produce more harm than good if not careful.

    When should I use a scrub?

    Facial scrubs are exfoliating skin products that help in;

    • Unclogging pores

    • Removing dead cells

    • Eliminating dark spots and acne marks

    • Brightening the skin

    • Removing dead skin

    • Restoration of a youthful appearance

    All the above-mentioned benefits are just some of the many for which scrubs are used for. It is vital to know the type of skin before embarking on a type of scrubs that may cause more damage. In a spa or at a dermatologist clinic, be sure that your skin type is evaluated alongside the kind of scrub to be used.

    TLC scrubs seem harmless but shouldn’t be used more often, that means using them daily, confirms the best dermatologist in Punjab.

    Some scrubs tend to make the skin sensitive due to their abrasive texture in case frequently used.

    What is the best scrub?

    There are a variety of scrubs, but using them in a professional manner can help eliminate the cons.

    Homemade scrubs can be used at any time since they are free from synthetic ingredients. Also, sugar-filled scrubs are considered harmless in the long run than the salt filled scrubs.

    Homemade scrubs containing Aloe Vera, sugar, rose water, and honey are perfect for any kind of skin.

    In the case of aggressive scrubs, let a dermatologist apply the scrub on the face and it shouldn’t be done regularly.

    What could go wrong?

    Excessive scrubbing of the body or face will cause;

    • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that may lead to darkening

    • Rendering the skin to sensitivity

    • Infection (folliculitis)

    • Closing of pores which can lead to whiteheads

    • Easy tanning

    • Sun damage (UV rays)

    Let an experienced dermatologist help you choose the best scrub depending on your skin type, the skin problem, sensitivity, and the period for which the scrub must be used.

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