Say No to extra Hairs


    Say No to extra Hairs

    Are you fed up by cutting extra hairs on your body? Are you looking for the permanent solution? It’s not only the problem of men but also women are worried about extra hair which are grown on a body. There are some women who have growing beard. They do not look good. If they will use blades or creams then the hair will become thick and hard. There are also some men who do not like shaving and do not have enough time for cutting hair. Now both men and women can really be happy that full body hair removal treatment in Punjab is available in which you can remove hair from any part of your body. Laser hair removal is the technique which is used to remove hair from our body. In this treatment, laser damage hair follicle and stop its growth for some time. After going through 5 to 6 surgeries hair follicles totally get damaged and hair stop growing permanently from the treated area. If you are thinking this procedure is painful then you are wrong. This process is time-consuming. After few surgeries, you will throw your razor and wax. There is no more need of cutting your hair. They permanently get destroyed and you can have smooth skin. The pros and cons of laser hair removal are discussed further.

    Pros of laser hair removal

    • Laser hair removal treatment is bloodless and painless.
    • It is the safest and does not involve any invasive action. There are minor side effects which can be minimized if they are done with an experienced surgeon.
    • It is highly effective treatment. Some people experience permanent hair loss after this treatment. If you want to have 70 to 90% hair reduction. You have to go through 5 to 8 treatment.
    • If hair is regrown after the procedure. The growth will be lighter and thinner than before.
    • A Large proportion of area such as legs, arms and chest can be treated in one session.
    • Any area of the body can be treated and sensitive areas like on face, near eyes can also be treated.

    Cons of laser hair removal

    • Most candidates need 5 to 6 treatment to get 70 to 90% reduction of hair. Each session has the difference of at 6 to 10 weeks.
    • The laser is not fit for some people. It may cause burn to people who are having tan and people with dark skin. So, it depends on the color of the skin.
    • It is also not effective on colored hair such as red, blonde, gray, etc.
    • Treatment is quite expensive. So not everyone can afford it.
    • If you do not cover your eyes during this process. You may lose your vision by coming in contact with the intense beam of light.

    Why should you choose us?

    We are having world’s best team with experienced doctors. We will give you every facility and will not give you any complaint regarding our work. Our experienced doctor Dr Mohan Singh is the best dermatologist in Punjab with so much name. He has achieved many awards in his life. We used latest techniques and machinery for treatment. We use disposables to avoid infection.

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