Is It Safe to take the Laser hair removal treatment at the time of pregnancy?


    Is It Safe to take the Laser hair removal treatment at the time of pregnancy?

    There are a large number of hormonal changes at the time of the pregnancy. This will lead to excessive hair growth around the breasts, belly, face and the unwanted places. There are different methods to permanently remove the hairs. Laser removal technique has gained so many names but there are some of the safety concerns associated with it. There are large numbers of the other countries citizens that visit India in order to get the best laser hair removal in India.

    Whether Laser removal technique is good or bad when you are carrying the baby?

    Laser hair removal is not conducted when you are pregnant; there are numbers of the reasons to avoid the laser hair removal technique when you are carrying the baby. Researchers have shown that it has the adverse effects on the baby. Most of the surgeon postpones the laser removal technique up to the delivery of the baby. There are some clinics that avoid doing the breast, abdominal and the bikini areas.

    How can laser hair removal affect pregnancy?

    We are not sure about the effects of Laser on pregnancy. This is essential to do the minimum intervention and medicines at the time of the pregnancy. This is the time; there is optimum care of the mother and fetus. Studies have been conducted on the safety profile. This can be published in the near future.

    Can we get laser hair removal done in the bikini area while pregnant?

    Laser therapy is not recommended at the time of pregnancy because it has the certain unknown effects on the mother or developing fetus. This is used to cause the thermal damage of the hair follicles. There is a certain amount of the risk to the woman and child. This is totally avoided in the bikini area. It is totally avoided at the time of the pregnancy.

    What Are The Possible Concerns About Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

    Laser technique is mostly used non-ionizing radiation. This technique is generated the intense heat so that unwanted hair can be removed from the root. This process does not create the cell mutation. The laser beam is penetrated to the skin in the few millimeters. The non-iodizing radiation can absorb the surrounding tissue in the areas. There is no evidence regarding the affecting of the unborn baby. In some pregnant women, Laser hair removal treatment can create the mild pain. Professional always uses the numbing creams. This cream is not recommended at the time of the pregnancy when this applied to your skin. You don’t need to take worry; the best dermatologist in India will guide you accurately about the laser removal treatment at the time of the pregnancy.

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