What is Rosacea – Causes and Types


    What is Rosacea – Causes and Types

    This Rosacea condition is common in the United States because this is usually experienced by fair-skinned people. And this is a type of skin allergy, so you do not take it lite, if you leave it untreated then, you will surely experience worse condition over time. So, you must go with the treatment as soon as possible.

    What is Rosacea?

    Rosacea is the inflammatory severe skin condition that usually affects your face. Well, this is a type of skin allergy, and if you leave it untreated, it will surely worse over time. So, you must be concerned with skin doctor so that you can get the right treatment on time for Rosacea condition.

    An investigation reveals that almost 15 million people are suffering from this condition in America. Since this condition usually affects those who have fair skin. So, you have to visit the skin hospital, so that you can get an idea of the causes and symptoms of this condition. In the skin clinic, specialist first asks you some questions related to this condition or other health problems, and then recommend you the best treatment.

    Symptoms of Rosacea

    Well, the symptoms of this condition vary from person to person, and the common symptoms are explained below-:

    • Inflamed blood vessels, that is known as vascular rosacea
    • Flushing or easily blushing
    • Rhinophyma, or excess facial skin around the nose
    • Persistent redness
    • Pimples, papules, and pustules
    • Facial swelling
    • Facial skin hyper-reactivity
    • Burning sensation in the eyes

    Causes of Rosacea

    • Abnormalities in facial blood vessels
    • Light skin color
    • H. pylori bacteria
    • Family history
    • Vigorous exercise
    • Stress
    • Excessive hot baths
    • Certain medications, such as corticosteroids
    • Hot foods and beverages such as caffeine
    • Hot sauce, cayenne pepper, and red pepper
    • Alcohol, including wines and hard liquors
    • Foods that are rich in cinnamaldehyde, such as chocolates, tomatoes, and citrus fruits.

    Treatment of Rosacea

    Well, you can get rid of this condition with certain lifestyle changes and natural remedies as well. If you are unable to get rid of this condition with lifestyle changes, then you must go with medical treatment or certain medications. Medications that are valuable to treat this condition include Tretinoin, Azelaic acid, Isotretinoin, and oral antibiotics. You can also go with Blephamide, that is a type of eye drop and gives you the best results.

    Along with these treatment options, you must go with natural remedies such as-:

    • You must cover your face with a scarf while going outside.
    • You must avoid consuming spicy and hot foods because these lead to problems.
    • Do not touch your skin again and again.
    • Avoid using facial products which contain chemicals or skin irritants as well.

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