Reason Behind Acne in Older women?


    Reason Behind Acne in Older women?

    The breakouts of acne is very common in teenage years as the hormonal level is being changed. The problem is very common in women when they get older. You might be thinking what is the reason for this. To answer all your questions related to this we have mentioned the reasons behind this problem.

    In the teenage years, the problem of blemishes is very common. But what if get the acne breakout in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Well, we let you know how common the problem is and what is the best method to treat the problem.

    What are the causes of acne in older women?

    Different studies have investigated the occurrence of acne in older women. The primary causes of acne in older women is same as that of young:

    • Inflammation of the skin
    • Abnormal or abundant sticky skin start producing within the follicles which forms a plug.
    • Skin starts producing oil or sebum in excess.
    • P acnes start proliferation in the skin bacteria which gets plugged within the follicles.

    The occurrence of adult acne is more common in women as compared to men. This problem often starts past menopause.

    Additional factors which trigger the problem

    Well, there are other factors also which trigger the problem of acne in older women which include.

    • Genetics


    Someone in your family faced the problem of acne, so you will likely be facing the problem as an adult.

    • Cosmetics


    Acne is caused by sunscreens, anti-aging creams, sprays, or hair pomades. The acne starts developing around the scalp, face, or hairline. This type triggers later in life but even if the problem started you should get the acne treatment.

    • Smoking


    Studies have suggested that women who smoke they face the problem of acne more as compared to women who don’t.

    • Hormonal changes


    Hormonal changes are very common during pregnancy, menstruation, taking or stopping birth control pills, menopause, or ovarian cysts. Oil production is affected by the hormonal fluctuations and how effectively the skin cells are being shed.

    • Stress


    Taking stress for a long time can affect health in a negative manner. Stress triggers the production of male hormone known as androgen and occurs in both men and women. This actually makes the acne even worse. If the problem is increasing then the doctor will recommend you the option of acne removal surgery.

    • Diet


    Diet plays an important role in making your immune system strong. But if your diet is high in sugar, fat, and dairy products then it is going to promote the production of acne.

    Consulting the dermatologist

    Seeking the help of the dermatologist at the right time is very important. They will prescribe you medications and treatment plan which will treat the breakout and your skin will not get irritated.

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