Some Q & A About Laser Hair Removal


    Some Q & A About Laser Hair Removal

    No one wants to live with excessive hair growth on their certain body parts include chin, lips, and other facial features. In this case, you need to go through the laser hair removal procedure, that will give you the best results. If you are still in doubt, then must read this article carefully because we are going to give you proper knowledge about laser hair removal procedure.

    Laser hair removal procedure is useful to remove unwanted hair from certain body parts include a face. If you are planning to undergo laser hair removal in Jalandhar, then you need to understand that our doctors are well qualified and experienced who will give you the best treatment. In addition to this, they will first examine you and your condition, only then recommend the best treatment.

    Many people claim that this is a complicated treatment, but Laser hair removal is not as complicated as they think. Moreover, it is a completely safe and secure procedure, so there is no need to take tension about recovery and anything else.

    Before going to get treatment, you need to understand some questions about laser hair removal treatment.

    Can a person with dark hair undergo laser hair removal procedure?

    Yes, of course, this treatment option is valuable for those who have dark and thick hair. This procedure is done with the help of a laser beam that is useful to destroy hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth. You may not know that laser energy is completely absorbed by the hair when there is a greater combination of skin complexion and hair.

    Is this result in scarring or any other type of side effect?

    Well, no not at all, this is a completely safe and secure procedure. There is no risk of scarring because the laser beam does not need any type of incision in order to perform this procedure.

    How many types of laser are used in laser hair removal process?

    There are three types of layers that are used to perform this procedure such as-:

    Diode-: This layer type is valuable for both light and dark skin.

    Alexandrite-: This layer is one of the fastest layers which is useful to treat light skin types. If you have light complexion then must go with this treatment option.

    Nd:YAG-: This laser is valuable for all skin types including tanned skin as well. So, you do not take tension if you are planning to undergo laser hair removal in summer.

    Why do I need to take more than one session?

    If you have dark or thick hair, then yes, you need to go through more sessions. Additionally, this also depends on hair growth, how early your hair grows and what about hair follicles. But do not take tension, this is useful and give you the best and 100% results.

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