Preparing for Laser Hair Removal


    Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

    You are tired of unwanted hair and visiting the parlor every month to get waxing or threading. In that case, laser hair removal is the ideal choice for patients. But, it is also essential that you should prepare for the treatment properly. In this guide, we have shared some tips to prepare for the treatment.

    So, you are planning to get the laser removal the most essential step is that you should check who is doing the treatment. Here are a few things which you should know when you undergo laser hair removal.

    Preparing for the laser hair removal

    • Do not stay in the sun for a long time


    The laser targets the melanin which is present in the hair shafts and helps in giving the color to hair. When the skin receives the UV radiation then it will make the skin dark. The laser is very effective in targeting the hair which is unwanted, wavelength, and it will differ from the skin color. You should stay away from the sun for 6 weeks and there will be a contrast in the hair & skin.

    • No bronzers


    Make sure you are not using any type of bronzer as it might harm the skin. For the treatment, your skin should be as light as possible which will ensure that the results are effective.

    • Avoid waxing or plucking


    With the laser, the hair follicles will get damaged. Make sure you do not get the hair removed with different hair removal technique. One month before the treatment you should not do plucking, electrolysis, or waxing before you get the session.

    • Do not take blood thinners


    Before the treatment, the doctor will advise you that you should not take the medications as it can make the blood thin. You should use anti-inflammatory medications, aspirin, and different types of supplements. Follow the doctor’s guidelines which they provide you before the treatment.

    • Before the session do not shave


    To see the desired results you should shave before the treatment. This is because shaving does not affect the hair follicles as it affects the hair shafts which are present above the skin. When the hair is removed from the upper layer of the skin, it can burn the skin because the laser energy is converted into heat energy which is present in the hair shaft. We want that energy should go down to the hair follicles.

    Keeping these things in mind will help to go the entire process smoothly and also the desired results will be achieved.

    In case, you are thinking of getting the treatment then you should visit our surgeon to get the best treatment for laser hair removal in Punjab. They will also let you know more about the procedure in detail.

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