Most Common Questions about Laser Hair removal Answered


    Most Common Questions about Laser Hair removal Answered

    What should I expect on my first treatment?

    Before the treatment, you will consult with one of the technicians for around 15 minutes. In this, he will discuss the hair and skin type, so that they know you are suitable for the treatment. They will also discuss how you can prepare your skin to see the best results. By chance you want to get treatment on the same day, this can also be arranged. You should not wax the area before the treatment.

    How does the procedure of laser hair removal work?

    During the Laser hair removal treatment, pulses of laser light are used which target the hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the pigment because of this the follicles get damaged. Due to this, the hair cannot grow back.

    How long does it take?

    The time depends on which area needs the treatment. Like 30 seconds will be taken for upper lip area and for legs 60 to 90 minutes.

    Is the process safe?

    The procedure is completely safe if you get the treatment done by the most-skilled doctor. They also make sure that all the latest equipment and methods are used for the treatment. Its only damages the hair follicle where the laser is targeted and the rest of the area is not harmed.   

    How much does the treatment cost?

    The cost depends on the area where you need to remove the hair. If you want to get treatment in a larger area then it will cost more as compared to a smaller area. Additionally, the price also includes the number of sessions required so that the desired results can be achieved.

    Does this treatment work for everyone?

    The results of hair removal are affected by the pigment. If you have light blond or Grey color hair then it is quite difficult to treat the problem effectively. This is because in the laser light the hair follicles will not be properly seen or the laser cannot detect the pigment properly.

    Which area can be treated?

    Any area of the body part can be treated. Most of the patients come to us for the legs, face, back, underarms, and bikini area.

    Is the process painful?

    The most common question which very patient is concerned about. The pain is similar to the snapping of the elastic band on your skin. However, this feeling will last for only a few seconds. The pain will be stopped once the entire process is done.

    Are the results permanent?

    With this process, the hair growth is permanently reduced as the hair follicles are damaged. For some areas, you might have to visit the doctor from time to time. After every session, the growth will be reduced and in the end, you need only a few sessions.

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