Modern Treatments in 2019 to Remove Scars


    Modern Treatments in 2019 to Remove Scars

    Scars are of different types and these usually occur due to injury and acne. If you are suffering from scars, then must go with scar removal treatment or surgery. Here in this content, we are going to tell you which type of treatment is useful to treat different types of scars.

    Everyone loves the clear skin free of acne and scars, but this is not possible that no one can experience acne or scars. Almost everyone experiences scars in his life, some scars are cured itself but the majority need scar treatment. People with scar look unattractive due to which they feel low and less-confident as well. If you are in that loop then must talk to your doctor about cosmetic surgery. In order to get scar surgery, you need to understand different types of scars.

    Various types of Scars

    There are several types of scars, from which most scars are flat and pale, also various scars have sunken or pitted appearance. The most common types of scars are explained below-:

    Keloid Scars-: These type of scars are happened due to injury.

    Contracture Scars-: People who had skin burned experience Contracture scars.

    Hypertrophic Scars-: These type of scars are red in color and almost similar to Keloids, but do not occur due to injury.

    Acne Scars-: These type of scars are deep and stubborn, which occur due to acne. These happen when someone tries to pop the acne. These acne scars are only be treated with the help of medicated creams and solutions.

    Treatment options to remove scars.

    Well, there are 4 types of treatment options, these are explained below-:

    Clear + Brilliant

    This is the non-invasive laser technology, that encourages your skin in order to create healthier tissue. This is the best treatment for scars, that is useful to reduce the appearance of scars, size of pores, and refresh your skin tone.


    This is the type of gel that fills in the pitted scars, and in this treatment, your specialist uses dermal gel, which gives you a smooth, natural and youthful look. In addition to this, you will start noticing the results after the five days of injection. So, if you are suffering from pitted scars, must go with this treatment option.

    IPL Photo Facials

    These IPL Photo Facials are performed with the help of a broad-spectrum light source, which directly targets the lower layer of skin in order to remove scars. No doubt, you will get the best results within a week but you need to go for 3-5 sittings. You will start noticing the results after the first sitting.


    People who take botox treatment see results in 7 days because these botox injections are helpful to heal wounds which result in scarring. After getting this treatment, you do not need any type of scar removal treatment.

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