What makes the Varicose Veins Treatment Successful?


    What makes the Varicose Veins Treatment Successful?

    Though many dermatologists claim to effectively treat Varicose veins, the truth is that many patients have had to suffer the most due to failed treatment. Varicose veins are not easily treated due to the fact that there are different veins to watch out for, plus an effective treatment plan must be drawn before the treatment. Here is what renders the Varicose vein treatment in India successful.

    The Phlebologist’s expertise

    A good phlebologist is capable of diagnosing the varicose veins and determine the most suitable treatment for them. Sclerotherapy is one of the commonest treatment for varicose veins, but the treatment will not deliver the intended results in case no suitable diagnostic procedure is performed.

    Proper consultation and adequate assessment

    A mere physical examination (meticulous examination) is not vital for varicose vein treatment. The doctor (Phlebologist) must also perform an ultrasound to help with the exact mapping of the veins.

    Determining the types of veins

    Much as varicose veins are easily identified, Spider veins, and reticular veins are hardly determined by dermatologists. It is important to first treat the underlying spider veins and the reticular veins, before the spider veins are tackled.

    Treatment, monitoring and follow-up

    Advanced varicose vein treatments like Endovenous Laser, the Ultrasound guided Sclerotherapy, Radiofrequency Ablation, and Venaseal glue are excellent treatments that are preferred to the traditional methods like stripping.

    The phlebologist and his team must also monitor the patient during the recovery process and follow-up must also be at its best.

    It is best to go in for the best treatment regardless of the cost in case a patient wants to completely eliminate the varicose veins.

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