Is Lip Enhancement For Every Age Possible?


    Is Lip Enhancement For Every Age Possible?

    The art of having natural, beautiful lip augmentation or lip enhancement lies in which surgeon you choose for the same. Along with this, the goal of the person getting lip augmentation is different. The purpose of a 20 year old is that she will want to have lips which are fuller. While an elderly person getting it done, will do it to remove wrinkles on her face. A 60-year-old might be getting done to remove wrinkles near her mouth, while a 20-year-old girl will want to have fuller lips.

    Lip Enhancement for Patients in their 20s:

    The patients who are in their 20 age group have an influence on social media and friends which brings them to the surgeon to get a lip enhancement surgery done. They mostly want chubby lips. According to the patients having chubby lips means that they are beautiful. They are so inspired with their favorite stars (actress) that they wish to look just like them. Many surgeons say that many patients come to them who are studying in college. Everyone wishes to have the perfect pout to be seen in their pictures. But, some surgeons choose to give their patients a natural look, which looks good on the person.

    Lip Enhancement for Patients in their 30s:

    Lips start becoming full, once a person reaches 18 years of age. Hence, by the time the person reaches 30 years of age, the lips start getting thinner. When a woman is of 30 years ago, her skin starts to lose collagen and elastin, thereby making the lips thin.

    Lip lines which happen due to exposure to sun and natural aging process, are also seen on the lips. The face expression which we make on a daily basis also leads to wrinkles.  

    Patients who are 30 years old are not influenced by media but wish to take care of themselves.

    Lip Enhancement for Patients in their 40s:

    As one reaches 40 years of age, once again they experience thinning of lips. The area around the lips, like laugh lines and corners of the mouth, also start changing, they start to become deep. Hence the areas need to be treated to support the lip.

    Lip enhancement for Patients in their 50s:

    Many times loss of collagen, fat or bones in the mid face will affect the overall shape of the mouth. Hence, surgeons apply fillers, along with neuro toxins to the areas which need to be corrected.

    Lip Enhancement  for Patients in their 60s:

    Lip restoration is mostly the problem in this age group. The main aim should be that lip enhancement should fit the face.


    The main aim of getting lip enhancement Treatment at any age should give the results which improve the patient’s appearance, but still, the patient has a natural look.

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