Laser Acne Treatment – Its Pros and Cons


    Laser Acne Treatment – Its Pros and Cons

    Laser treatment is the best and fastest approach to deal with the scars and the hyperpigmentation. Acne occurs when the pores of the skin are filling up with the dead skin, oil, and bacteria. After that, this acne becomes inflamed and burst. Our body tries to repair the damage. This will end up with the lost of smoothness and texture of the skin. This also creates depression and indentations on the skin. Sometimes, it also creates excessive skin forming.

    Types of the scars:

    • Hypertrophic: This type of the scar occurs when there is too much of the collagen. This results in skin bumps, flaps of the skin.

    • Atrophic: In this type of the scar, a tissue is lost during the healing process. Ice pick and boxcar are the two types of the scars that come in this category.


    There are several acne laser treatments are available these days. This acne scar treatment in Punjab uses the best laser technique to cure the acne scar. Patients who are considering the laser treatment should consult the best dermatologist to heal their acne scars. Don’t feel fearful regarding asking questions like dermatologist experience and qualifications.


    • The laser is the effective treatment to treat the depressed acne scars. The patients who are suffering from the ice pick or boxcar scars can get the best and excellent results with this therapy.

    • This treatment has high success rate where it is impossible to do acne scars treatment. This can effectively treat the inflammatory acne of the back.

    • The biggest pros of this treatment are that you don’t require applying or taking any medications.

    • The biggest con of this treatment is that it is very expensive treatment and long-term effectiveness of the treatment has not proven.

    • This provides the treatment only for the acne. if you are suffering from the bacterial infection, then your dermatologist will combine different treatments to treat the bacterial infection.

    • Every treatment has some side effects; this involves redness and swelling at the treatment sites.

    Tips to prevent acne scarring

    Following are the tips that help to prevent acne scars:

    • Don’t Pick: It is the necessary condition not to pick up and squeeze your scars. If you pick up, then there are more chances of the spreading of the bacteria.

    • Sun exposure: It is believed that sun exposure can heal the acne. A small amount of the sun exposure can temporary heal the acne. But in reality, it makes your condition more badly.

    How can you get the perfect skin?

    Acne is not caused by the single factor. Numbers of the factors are responsible for the acne. So, it is not cured with the single treatment. You require the combination of the techniques to cure the acne. This may require several months, sometimes, it requires even a year to cure. Your best dermatologist in Punjab will suggest the possible acne treatment.

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