Hyperpigmentation or Dark Spots On Skin – Causes And Treatment


    Hyperpigmentation or Dark Spots On Skin – Causes And Treatment

    Knowing All About Dark Spots

    Dark spots are also known as Hyperpigmentation or age spots. This is a very common disorder of the skin, which grows as one gets older. Dark spots appear overnight, most often. In this condition, the melanin, which is a chemical in the skin is produced in large amounts, in one place. It further leads to blotches, age spots, and other kinds of patches.

    Origin of Dark Spots

    There are various types of dark spots, which originate from many factors:

    Lentigines: These are caused or originated due to overexposure to ultraviolet rays. The spots appear in different patterns, a and are seen in those persons who have crossed the 60 age group.

    Melasma: This is because of the imbalance in hormonal levels. The women who have this have dark blots which appear on their skin during hormonal fluctuations, more so in times of conception or menopause. Having birth control pills, medicines for treating hormones can also be a cause for this.

    Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH):

    These spots occur due to damage in the skin. Burns can also be a reason

    Treating dark spots:

    The dark spots which occur in a person are not dangerous and are not a threat to any of the health condition. But, people remove it for enhancing their beauty. Treating dark spots includes doing the underlining methods:

    Prescription Medication:

    Medicines prescribed by a doctor may include bleaching creams to aid in making the spots vanish.

    Laser treatment:

    Is done in order to damage cells which produce melanin

    Chemical peels:

    Are used for burning the outer layer of skin, which lets new layer to grow.


    aids in removing the outer layer of skin, allowing new skin to grow


    Helps in freezing the age spots with liquid nitrogen

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