How to stop eczema on face


    How to stop eczema on face

    Eczema is a skin condition which is caused because of different factors such as stress, outside temperature, environmental factors, and hormonal function. The skin will become red, inflamed, and itchy. Additionally, there are different types of eczema which include seborrheic dermatitis, stasis dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis,  nummular eczema, and dyshidrotic eczema. We have mentioned some in which you can prevent the issue of eczema.

       • Over-the-counter treatment

    There is an over-the-counter product available like hydrocortisone 1% cream. You can also use cream and ointments which contain corticosteroids as they can reduce inflammation. In case, if the area gets infected than the doctor will prescribe antibiotics which will kill the bacteria. If the problem is not going away then make sure you consult the doctor for eczema treatment.

       • Moisturize the skin

    During this issue, the skin becomes dry very easily. It is essential that skin should be moisturized every time even if you do not feel itching. After taking the shower or whenever you feel like apply the moisturizer. You can also keep it the refrigerator because when it is applied cold it feels even better.

       • Avoid things which trigger the issue

    They are certain things which can increase the issue such as dust, mites, food, and molds. Make sure you identify the reason why the problem is increasing. If you experiencing the issue then you should consult the doctor for eczema treatment in Punjab.

       • Wash face with Luke warm water

    In some cases, hot water triggers this condition. It is better if you reduce the use of hot water while cleaning the face. It is better if you wash face with lukewarm water.

       • Protect the skin in the sun

    While stepping out make sure you have applied sunscreen on your face as well as body. This will help to prevent the issue. One problem is that they leave a white tint on the skin. So, after coming back, wash the face and apply moisturizer properly so that your skin is not dry.

       • Use a Humidifier

    Even a low level of humidity can make the problem worse. It is better if you use a humidifier in the room and your home, especially during the winter season.

       • Do not scratch

    The skin becomes dry and itchy, but you should not as it will damage the skin even more. You should gently rub the skin rather than scratching it.

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