How Sun Makes Acne more Worse


    How Sun Makes Acne more Worse

    Acne is the worst health condition which leaves noticeable scars. And some people experience acne due to direct sunlight.

    Most people with oily skin encounter acne problem when they eating processed or oily food, going outside in the direct sunlight, and due to pollution. But the acne problem due to sunlight is increasing day by day due to many factors. You need to understand all the factors which are responsible for acne so that you can get the right acne treatment in order to get rid of acne.

    Moreover, the majority of people reveal that they also experience scars due to acne which are noticeable on face especially. They are unable to get rid of acne scar even with many treatment options such as medicated creams, natural ways, an so on. In this situation, you need to go through acne scar removal so that you can improve your facial appearance.

    How sunlight makes your acne worse?

    Everyone enjoys the sunny days but no one aware of acne. They also reveal that they treat their acne problem in sunlight because UV rays contain anti-inflammatory properties which give you relief. But for some time or only some persons, millions of people reveal that they suffered from acne because of direct sunlight. The effects of sunlight on your face include-:

       • First of all, your sunscreen creams contain harmful chemicals, so if you are suffering from acne then you have to use these sunscreen products carefully. Even the companies give you surety of protection but don’t believe them because they need to sell their product. So you have to use all these products with the prescription of a doctor.

       • Secondly, direct sunlight leads you to excessive sweating, which further results in itching. And this sweating also leads you to degradation of the skin surface, which further results in acne.

       • You will surely experience the skin dry out or oily skin, these both the factors are responsible for acne due to sunlight or direct UV rays.

       • You think you are experiencing acne but, this is actually known as rosacea. This is the condition, in which you do not need to go outside in sunlight because it will make your condition worse. In order to treat your condition, you need to visit the best dermatologist so that he can prescribe you creams which protects you from sunlight.

       • Moreover, you can also experience the skin pigmentation which results in acne and scars as well. So, you need to be extra careful in order to get rid of this problem.

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