Hair Loss In Men And Women Related To Medical Conditions


    Hair Loss In Men And Women Related To Medical Conditions

    Hair loss is not only caused due to hormonal fluctuations, but these are also caused due to certain medical conditions in both men and women. So, if you are suffering from this type of hair fall, then you need to visit a hair loss specialist, so that he can treat you well.

    Hair loss is additionally known as alopecia, which is caused due to several factors, which include certain medical terms. Basically, people experience hair loss problems because of genetic reasons. This type of hair fall is known as male or female pattern baldness that can only be treated with a surgical procedure such as hair transplant. No doubt, they get hair loss treatment previously, but they are unable to get the desired results and treat their hair fall condition.

    In this condition, you have to understand the actual reason behind this alopecia condition. Well, several people are suffering from hair fall due to cancer and chemotherapy, that is the treatment option of cancer.

    Chemotherapy not only kills the cancer cells but also affects your hormones badly. That’s why you experience hair fall problem in life. In addition to this, this treatment option not only results in baldness or alopecia, but you may also experience total hair loss over the body.

    Not all the medical conditions and treatment options result in complete hair fall.

    Medical conditions that lead to hair fall.

    You may suffer from hair fall due to hyperthyroidism and lupus. These are the main reasons behind hair fall in both males and females. These conditions can only be treated with surgical procedure and your specialist will tell you what to do to get rid of this condition.

    Apart from these conditions, you may experience hair fall due to acute illnesses include severe infection, surgical procedure, and high fever as well. However, the main reason for hair fall is chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

    Poor nutrition

    Yes, poor nutrition also responsible for hair fall, as these affect your hormone baldly. And makes you unable to produce healthy hormones, or this also affects the hair growth cycle, due to which you experience complete hair fall. You may not know that protein and iron deficiency lead you to several types of hair fall or baldness too. You may suffer from this condition due to sudden weight loss.

    How to get rid of this type of hair fall?

    • Firstly, you have to stop taking that medicine, which leads you to hair fall or alopecia condition.
    • You must talk to a specialist about your hair fall condition, as only he can treat you well.
    • You must stick to a healthy and balanced diet rich in protein and other nutrients.

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