Frequently Asked Questions About WARTS


    Frequently Asked Questions About WARTS

    What are Warts?

    Warts are explained as infections on the top layer of the skin, which are small in size. These can cause on any part of the body such as knees, elbows, feet, and fingers.

    What are the causes of Warts?

    There are different causes of Warts such as these are caused by the viruses named as HPV. This virus additionally explained as a sexually transmitted infection but warts are not caused by sexual intercourse. HPV viruses are depicted as the extreme and rapid growth of keratin which is usually a hard protein present on the top layer of skin. Additionally, these can be spread to the other parts of the body due to sucking fingers, shaving on legs, and generally, this virus is spread from skin to skin. For example, if you are using the towel of an infected person or wear his shoes and clothes.

    Explain the symptoms of Warts?

    There are various symptoms of the Warts such as severe pain, bleeding, comes back after prior removal, and changes appearance. You can then immediately contact your primary care doctor, he will definitely start the treatment of Warts.

    What are the various kinds of Warts?

    There are various types of Warts which are classified by location on the body and their appearance. These include Common, Flat warts, Molluscum contagiosum, Plantar warts, and Condyloma. In which common warts are small in size and white in color. These are usually developed at legs, knees, and elbows. Whereas, flat warts are liquidy and white in color which affects the legs of women and children. Additionally, the plantar Warts are developed on the feet and spread due to pressure during walking. And condyloma Warts are sexually transmitted infections that are caused due to sexual intercourse.

    Are Warts dangerous and contagious?

    No, warts are not dangerous you can treat them at home or if you are unable to cure them at home then go with some medical treatments. But yes, these viruses are contagious because these can be caused by skin to skin contact. These are additionally caused due to wearing clothes and shoes of infected persons.

    What are treatments available for WARTS?

    There are various medical solutions and liquids that act as effective Warts treatment In India. These include Cantharidin, Cryotherapy, and Podophyllin. These are liquid medical solutions for viruses, you should apply them on warts in order to treat them. You can additionally get electrosurgery for stubborn warts because this process includes the burning of warts through electric current.

    Do we treat WARTS with home remedies?

    Yes, you can treat them with home treatments such as duct tape and garlic. You should apply duct tape and garlic on the wart for 3-4 weeks in order to reduce the risk of again growth.

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