Frequently Asked Common Questions About Teenage Acne


    Frequently Asked Common Questions About Teenage Acne

    How does Acne develop?

    Acne is caused by different factors which include hormonal changes, clogged pores, overproduction of oil, genetic predisposition, and inflammation in the hair follicle.

    Firstly, it always develops is blackhead or whitehead which occurs because the pore gets blocked with dead skin and oil. After that, it develops bacteria in which the non-inflamed part develops into inflamed lesion which result in forming pimple, spots, and cysts. Acne is a medical term for spots and pimples but it does not tell about how serious the problem is.

    Who gets affected by this problem?

    This problem is more common in teenagers. But, there are adults also who are facing this issue and there are many women who are dealing with acne in their 40s. Basically, it develops when the body starts producing too much of the male hormone. Eventually, this makes the skin oil glands larger and it starts producing more oil.

    How the problem of acne can be treated?

    You must keep this thing in mind that this issue is related to skin disease. It means it should not be treated with an over-the-counter product. In case, the problem starts developing you should seek the help of the dermatologist for Acne Treatment. Mostly it is treated with anti-bacterial cream and pore-un-clogging cream.

    Is it best to follow a skincare routine for teenage acne?

    Yes, it is best if you follow a proper skincare routine while you are getting the treatment. Following an improper skincare routine might aggravate the condition even more. Keep in mind that you should use light and gentle products which should not contain any type of harmful chemicals. In case you are not sure which products to use you for Acne scar removal you should ask the doctor.

    Will making lifestyle changes help to prevent acne?

    Absolutely making changes in daily life will help a lot. It is essential that you right kind of products for the skin and if you wear makeup then do not go to bed without removing it. This is because it can clog the pores even more. Additionally, you should not eat a diet which includes too much sugar as they aggravate the acne. With this, you should also avoid food which has carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes. Always remember that not to squeeze and pick the pimple or even rub the skin.

    When it is best to seek help of the doctor?

    If you are trying to treat it at home and still it is not going away after 3 months then you should seek the help of a doctor. Do not delay the treatment if you feel the problem is aggravating a lot.

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