FAQ About Vitiligo (White Spots)


    FAQ About Vitiligo (White Spots)

    What is Vitiligo?

    Vitiligo is a skin disorder which causes loss of color of skin. Hence, white patches start appearing on the skin and also grow on different body parts. They are first seen on areas of skin which get exposed to the sun.

    What Is The Reason For White Patches Appearing On The Skin?

    Many times the body immune system destroy the cells which are responsible for pigmentation. This leads to appearance of white patches on different parts of body.

    What Are The Causes Of Vitiligo?

    It has been proved that Vitiligo to be related to genetics. People who have vitiligo in their family can develop it. Many studies have shown that vitiligo can be stimulated by hormonal changes, sometimes a relapse of jaundice or typhoid fever can also be the reason for vitiligo to happen.  Besides antibiotic treatments, or emotional trauma. Many times it is seen to occur after consuming insecticide or pesticide-treated vegetables and fruits, regularly having junk food and not taking proper care of hygiene habits are also some causes of vitiligo.

    Can It Be Prevented?

    Yes, it can. But the first one has to know the causes of the same. The appearance of affected skin can be slowly improved.

    How Can Vitiligo Be Diagnosed?

    There are no specific diagnostic tests for detecting vitiligo so a skin biopsy confirms the diagnosis. Ideally, a dermatologist who specializes in autoimmunity should carry out the diagnosis. A detailed family history, the individual’s current

    A skin biopsy works for confirming the test. A dermatologist can get the diagnosis done. A family history, the medicines the person has had in the past, all these things are examined.  Some test which doctors suggest you to is Antinuclear Antibody, Thyroid peroxide.

    Is Vitiligo Communicable?

    Vitiligo is not infectious and neither it is communicable. It is an autoimmune disorder, which means it cannot be transferred from one person to another, through any of the ways, saliva, blood transfusion, intercourse or sharing of things.

    Is Vitiligo Deadly Disease?

    Vitiligo is a cosmetic problem and is not at all life-threatening disease.

    Is It Possible To Have Vitiligo By Eating Wrong Combinations Of Food?

    Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder and has no relation to eating any kind of food. No study has proved that having different foods together can cause vitiligo.

    What Is The Treatment Process Of Vitiligo?

    There are many ways in which Vitiligo can be treated. Some of the  ways of Vitiligo treatment are :

    • Sunscreen
    • Phototherapy with UVB light
    • Skin camouflage
    • Topical corticosteroids
    • Calcipotriene (Dovonex)
    • Skin grafts

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