Explanation : Vitiligo In Teenagers


    Explanation : Vitiligo In Teenagers

    Vitiligo is not a common problem, this is experienced by only a few people across the world. This condition is also experienced by teenagers due to several factors. In addition to this, this vitiligo problem is a genetic condition, which leads you to several other problems. In order to get the treatment of this vitiligo condition, you need to choose the best specialist.

    Vitiligo is a kind of an autoimmune disease that is explained as a loss of melanin, which leads you to small white patches on the skin. This is a common condition in both females or males. In addition to this, millions of people are suffering from this vitiligo problem and it results in depigmented skin. In previous years, this problem was experienced by children due to genetic factors. As this is a hereditary or genetic problem. However, these days, teenagers also experience this vitiligo problem, but no one knows why this happens. This can only be clarified by skin doctor when you visit him for white patch treatment.

    Well, this is necessary to get vitiligo treatment on the right time, because this condition affects the person’s appearance badly. Due to which they feel too low and upset as well. However, people who are suffering from vitiligo condition do not experience any other type of health condition because of it.

    Types of Vitiligo

    There are several types of vitiligo, but it depends on your skin color and how white patches look like. Let’s have a look at the types of vitiligo.

    Focal Vitiligo-: This type of Vitiligo is explained as a few spots in a single area anywhere on the body.

    Generalized vitiligo-: This is a common type of Vitiligo that is experienced by several people across the world. In this type of vitiligo, you may experience certain white patches on the skin all over the body. Well, these do not affect your skin in a symmetrical way, you will surely notice the asymmetric patterns on your body. If you are suffering from this type of vitiligo, then you need to go through treatment as soon as possible.

    Segmental vitiligo-: In this type of Vitiligo, you will surely experience the white patches on one part of the body. And this is the least common type of vitiligo, which is experienced by only a few people in certain conditions.

    Areas that are prone to get vitiligo

    There are several body parts that are prone to get vitiligo, these are-:

    • The skin around the eyes, belly button, nostrils, and genital areas
    • Body parts that have folds include the knees, elbows, and groin
    • The skin area which is exposed to direct sunlight is face or hands.

    So, you have to get the right treatment on time, so that you can get rid of this condition.

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