The Effects of Humidity and Heat on Your Skin


    The Effects of Humidity and Heat on Your Skin

    Excess heat or humidity cause various skin issues, so watch out. When it’s summer, we love to cool off by heading to the beach, putting on short pants or skirts, sundresses, among others. You will also probably desire to hang out more with your friends than in the winters. That means, more holidays, more camping, more swimming, and parties, but all these may cause more damage to your skin in case proper precautions are neglected.

    More parties

    Parties are good depending on the context you describe your favorite parties, but boozing and smoking may not only leave you physically and mentally messed up but may contribute to hair damage and premature aging. The best dermatologist in Punjab stresses that most women experience bad hair days after excess boozing, which may be accompanied with limited sleep. These factors limit the nutrients supplied to the scalp follicles hence affecting the hair follicles.


    Swimming is a good form of physical exercise much as most of us do it for fun. Skin experts say that the chlorine from the swimming pools clears the skin’s natural oils which leaves your body dry.

    It is necessary that you take a shower after swimming and apply a body moisturizer to protect your skin from dryness and the effect of chlorine.

    Heading to the beach

    The sea or the ocean waters are such beautiful and probably provide the best adventure ever in the summer. Ocean water is known for its natural benefits for the skin, but they also impose negative effects on the skin.

    The salt in the ocean waters is hardly washed off the skin which may result in acne breakouts acne. Shower thoroughly and use your lotion or a moisturizer as you wish.

    Beach beds and sun damage

    Sun damage is one of the leading causes of premature skin aging. Increased exposure to the sun may not only cause pigmentation but will also increase your contact with the dangerous UV rays.

    Be sure to carry a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin as well as sunglasses to protect your eyes.

    On the other hand, humidity affects the skin in a number of ways. The more humidity in the atmosphere, the more humidity that you may experience in your skin. The best dermatologist in Phagwara confirms that an increase in humidity may cause more humidity on those with an oily skin.

    • An increase in humidity increases one’s skin oils and it may lead to acne breakouts.

    • You can use quality skin products to unclog the skin pores to prevent acne

    • Blotting papers are advisable to remove surface shine

    • Use skin nourishing products

    • A Mattifying primer will help smoothen your face and reduce shine on the face

    All in all, you can enjoy every season provided you get the best skin tips for yourself from our skin expert doctor Mohan Singh. Precautions to prevent various skin issues are provided at free of cost and we also provide various skin treatments, both surgical and nonsurgical to restore your natural skin appearance.

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