Eczema could be connected to Your Alcoholism, Obesity, & Smoking


    Eczema could be connected to Your Alcoholism, Obesity, & Smoking

    30% of the adult population have ever battled with Eczema, which is one of the commonest skin conditions in white people. The skin disorder affects both children and adults and mostly appears during the summer.

    Also known as “Atopic dermatitis”, eczema is a skin condition where the skin becomes inflamed, itchy, red, rash, and cracked. Sometimes blisters are formed as it worsens.

    Apart from being problematic, eczema is embarrassing since some individuals may relate it to poor skin hygiene and many other myths. It commonly attacks the elbows, ankles, ankles, neck, and wrists.

    Allergies, skin irritants, hormones, and stress are believed to cause eczema, but the exact cause of Eczema is unknown. Adults who never suffered from eczema while young could develop it later in life, however, many adults suffer the skin condition while young and again as adults

    Researchers from Northwestern University discovered that eczema sufferers have increased chances of becoming obese, increase in alcoholic beverage consumption, and start smoking.

    The lifestyle changes are believed to be due to the psychological torture that the skin condition exerts on the individuals. Overeating, which results in obesity, alcoholism to relieve the mind plus smoking are some of the end results for some eczema sufferers.

    However, eczema must be handled and treated correctly. Recurring Eczema may be curbed through treatments prescribed by a dermatologist to prevent it or reduce its severity.

    Also, ascertaining the exact cause of eczema is quite useful to prevent eczema, says the best dermatologist in Punjab. In case you recurrently suffer from the skin disorder, be sure to get tested to find the source.

    Some individuals’ eczema results from

    • Disinfectants

    • Dust

    • Foods

    • Hot or cold temperatures among others

    Managing, Handling & Treating Eczema

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for eczema, but Eczema Treatment in India commonly depends on the flaring symptoms and its severity. Prevention is the best cure and following the skin specialist’s measures may help reduce the effect of eczema. Eczema medications include;

    • Medications to treat infections

    • Antibiotics

    • Topical Corticosteroids creams and ointments

    • Phototherapy

    • Topical calcineurin inhibitors

    Managing Eczema

    Some patients believe that tanning or sunbathing improves their eczema, but this highly depends on one’s type of eczema. You can manage eczema through the following ways;

    • Using a moisturizer after bath

    • Taking warm or lukewarm baths

    • Avoid using scented soaps (medicated or mild soaps are better)

    • Avoid foods that may cause allergies and in addition, surroundings that are unhygienic

    • Wear cotton clothes, they are good for sweat absorption

    Handling Eczema

    • Do not scratch, however much it tempts you to do so

    • Keep your nails short when suffering from eczema

    • Wash your hands before touching the infected region

    • Don’t disturb the region

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