Some Dos and DON’Ts before considering treatment for Lip enhancement


    Some Dos and DON’Ts before considering treatment for Lip enhancement

    The smile is considered as the best curve in the world but it is only possible when the person is having full, plump lips. Even the rosy and plump lips are considered a sign of good health, beauty and youth as well that is why these are people are very much conscious about their lips shape and choose the lip enhancement surgery so that they could enhance the beauty and shape of their lips.

    Even the reasonable lip enhancement surgery cost has also been added as the reason for the popularity of this procedure and even successful results are also the prime reason that people are choosing this surgery.

    If you have also planned for lip enhancement then you must pay attention towards some dos and don’ts that have been taken care of before and after the surgery.


    • Do let your doctor know about any previous history of any cosmetic procedure you have taken and even about any past issue of facial cold sores so that he could give you the best treatment and medication that could prevent the recurrence of this issue.
    • Before treatment, it is important to have the clear picture about what you want and what are chances of achieving it so do discuss with your doctor about your expectations and ask for the possible outcomes of the treatment.
    • Do have the realistic expectations from the surgery that could be medically possible to achieve so that you could have greater satisfaction with the results achieved after the surgery.
    • It is important to do your homework before the treatment and have brief knowledge about the procedure so that you could be mentally and physically prepared for even the little discomfort that could happen during the treatment.
    • Do follow all the instruction given by your doctor for preventive care after the treatment and even if the doctor has given some instructions to follow before the treatment then also follow them properly.
    • Do sound sleep at night but with little elevation by using the extra pillow as it could prevent the swelling after treatment
    • Do prepare your mind to wait till a week for having the significant results of the treatment as after a week you could get the proper and final results of the surgery.
    • Do ice the treated area as per instructions of the doctor as it could prevent the bruising.


    • As per the instructions of your injector do not take the blood thinners or any other medications like aspirin as could increase the risk of bruising and bleeding at the treated site.
    • After the treatment does not massage your lips even if you feel itchy as it could cause damage to the site.
    • Do not expect the long-lasting results of lip injections as the results remain in place on an average basis for 6 to 9 months.
    • Do not get scared if you experience any swelling and bruising on your lips after treatment as it is normal and will get healed after a few days
    • Do not plan for the surgery before any big event as you may have swelling, redness or even mild pain in your lips for few days and even you could be asked to take the bed for a week after surgery for best care and results.

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