What Are The Different Types Of The White Spots?


    What Are The Different Types Of The White Spots?

    There are some people who experience white spots on their face. Sometimes, these white spots are also appearing on the chest and the arms. White spots are normally taking the different forms. Sometimes, it is in the form of the patches, discoloration on the face or small hard humps. You can consult the best dermatologist in India for the best white spots results.


    1. Milia: Milia occur in all age of the people. Some people mistakenly had known this as the whiteheads. Milia are the small round, hard and the white bumps. The most common areas of the milia are around the eyes, cheeks and the nose.


    This can be caused due to the allergic reaction of the harsh products, face cream etc.


    This can be treated by the best dermatologist. Most of the dermatologists recommend that do not squeeze the pumps at home.

    2. Pityriasis Alba: This is one type of eczema. This is the pale pink area on the skin. This is clear and the visible white patches. This is more visible in those patients that have the dark skin or the sun exposure.


    Causes of this disease are unknown.


    These patches will be disappearing within the few months but this can last up to the numbers of the years. There is no particular treatment for this. But this can be cured with steroid or non –steroid creams.

    3. Vitiligo:Vitiligo is the inheritable disease and this occurs in all types of the skin. This appears as the patches of the skin. This is the lost color pigment disease. In the starting stage, it appears in the form of small patches and this patch covers the large part of the body.


    This is the inherited disease. This is the fact that most of the children must inherit the diseases from their parents.


    There are numbers of the treatments for the vitiligo treatment. One possible solution is to wear the sunscreen every time.

    You can also use the color skin creams in order to hide the vitiligo areas.

    4. Pityriasis Versicolor: This is due to the growth of the yeast on the skin. This leads to the lighter or darker patches on the skin.


    Number of factors is responsible for the Pityriasis versicolor. Some of them are:

    • hot and humid weather

    • oily skin

    • a weak immune system

    • hormonal changes


    Patches will take some months in order to return to the former color. You can also use the sun cream in order to protect the skin from the sun.

    5. Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis: This is commonly known as white sunspots. These white spots can occur on the face, arms, upper back etc. this is developed in all types of the skin. These spots are not harmful.


    • This can occur due to large exposure to the sun.

    • What is the reason of decrease in melanin is yet unknown.


    • There is no treatment to cure this problem.
    • Steroid creams,camouflage creams, and dermabrasion can be used to reduce the white spots.

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