Dangers Of The Tanning Beds


    Dangers Of The Tanning Beds

    Tanned skin is the one form of the damaged skin. Researchers show that tanned skin leads to wrinkles, age spots, premature aging etc. Vitamin D is essential to provide the protective shield to safe one from the various skin problems.

    90% of the tanning dangers are caused by the Ultraviolet rays (UV rays). Tanning dangers are also caused from the artificial sources. Such sources are known as tanning beds. Most of the people are not aware of the tanning beds. These tanning beds are more dangerous than the sun exposure. Tanning beds emit 15% more rays than the sun.

    Tan is the different thing and sunburn is the different thing. Tanning beds always cause the sun burns. One sunburn can improve the risk of developing skin cancer. Tanning is not the standard of the beauty but it is the invitation of the skin cancer.

    6 dangers of the Tanning:

    • Sunburn: Sunburn is the most crucial danger and it damages your epidermis. The epidermis is the outer most layer of the skin. One sunburn is responsible for creating the deadliest form of the skin cancer named melanoma.

    • Tan Skin: it is not the true fact that beautiful people are not having tanned skin. Skin tan is the one form of the skin damage. If you are having the damaged skin, you are not healthy or beautiful.

    • Skin Cancer: Melanoma is the deadly form of the skin cancer. This is the real risk for the face when there are excessive UV rays. Strong evidence has proved that UVA and UVB can lead to the deadly skin cancer. Melanoma is increased up to the 75% when you are exposed to tanning beds. Melanoma is the curable disease when it is found in the early stages. Surgery will help you to remove that area where the skin cancer is. For this, the best dermatologist in Phagwara will guide you the best treatment for the melanoma.

    • Pre-cancer: Actinic is the most common type of the pre-cancer. Chemical peels or liquid nitrogen are most important liquids to cure the pre-cancer. This is used to remove the scaly raised bumps.

    • Premature aging: Most of the people who are suffering from the tan, don’t look young. When people are aware of this, they will get in the premature aging. Tan skin is nothing the damaged skin. Is it possible to young people having age spots or wrinkles? Most of the men and women can perform anything that will reverse the tan skin. One of the best places is to consult the best dermatologist in Punjab. It is not the good way to look 10 years old before your actual age.

    • Eye Damages: Cataract is the form of eye damage. It is the blindness that is caused by the UV rays. Surgery is the best treatment for this but this does not guarantee that it will be cured properly or not. The cornea is also getting sunburn.

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