Cosmetic Procedures And Lip Augmentation To Have The Best Curve On The Face


    Cosmetic Procedures And Lip Augmentation To Have The Best Curve On The Face

    The smile is counted as the best curve of the face so only the beautiful lips can keep this curve in the best position and shape. If you are also seeking for plumping your pucker then, fortunately, there are many options available for you. Medically approved and proven methods are used for the correction of lips, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles around the lips. There are some terms and conditions to work for the cosmetic procedures or lip augmentation procedures only then the candidate can have the best, realistic and natural results after treatment.

    Who are the best candidates for the lip augmentation

    Who are the best candidates for the lip augmentation?

    Patient must be hale and hearty means one must have overall good health to have lip augmentation procedure and the candidates that have issues like current cold sores, diseases like diabetes or lupus, lip scarring, the problem of blood clotting cannot choose this cosmetic procedure for their lip correction.

    Even you can be counted as the good candidate for this procedure if you are mentally and physically prepare for the procedure. Moreover, patients are advised to discuss their medical history, illness, and allergies with the doctor in detail before the procedure so that potential risk of an infection or allergy can be minimized.

    Injections for Lip Augmentation

    Injections for Lip Augmentation

    Specialist and efficient cosmetic surgeons also recommend for injects as a treatment for lip correction. For these injects topical anaesthesia has been used and these are performed as the outpatient procedure and the patient can go home after taking injection without any difficulty. Following types of injects are generally given for lip augmentation

    • For plumping the lips Artecoll injection being synthetic material has been used but you can be at the potential risk of allergic reaction to this synthetic material.
    • Sometimes autologin injection is given the patient for safer and effective treatment. This tautology has been extracted from the patient’s own collagen which is taken from another body part.
    • Even patients are injected with collagen extracted from cows but to minimize the risk of allergic reaction surgeon perform the procedure with test dose.
    • In another form of collagen injection called demalogen, collagen is taken from the donor human. It is also an effective procedure but if your body accepts other’s collagen.
    • Fascia injections use the specific connective tissues that are used for lip correction and these connective tissues are extracted from the patient’s own body or taken from the human donor.
    • Fat cells taken from thighs or abdomen are also injected to make your lips enlarged for better appearance.
    • Hylaform is also injected directly into the lips and this material is created by natural body substance Hyaluronic acid to reshape your lips

    All above injections can help you to get the desired results of your lip correction procedure but the results of these injections are on temporary basis maximum lasts for 3-4 months.

    Lip Implants and Surgeries

    If you are seeking for long-lasting natural and best results then lip implants and surgical procedures are the best solutions. All these surgical procedures are done under the local anaesthesia to give you painless and comfortable treatment. On the same day, the patient can get back home without any difficulty and complication.

    Following surgical options can be for you

    • Your cosmetic surgeon inserts the alloderm sheet of collagen taken from donor humans, through the tiny incisions to give you the enlarged shape of lips.
    • In the procedure of fat grafting, patient’s own fat cells are inserted into lips to give the fuller appearance to lips.
    • Even the synthetic materials like etex, softform, and soft ePTFE are also inserted through the surgical procedure to overcome the issue of allergic reaction and absorption by the body. It is also the effective method for lip augmentation.
    • In some surgical methods, tissue and skin are extracted from the flap of mouth and implanted in the lips to give the fuller appearance to lips.

    All these procedures are only 2-3 hours that are performed outpatient and same day patient can get back to home. However, some special instructions are given by the senior cosmetic surgeon for aftercare and prevention so that you could have the best, safest and natural looking results of lip augmentation.

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