Which are the most common skin diseases?


    Which are the most common skin diseases?

    Skin problems are extremely common all over the world. Most of the time, the issue is minor and it can be resolved by getting the treatment. But, some of them have severe skin conditions and the patient needs to get immediate treatment. In this guide, we are going to share the most common skin diseases.

    Most common skin diseases


    Most of the patients visit the skin doctor to get acne treatment. Acne appears on the neck, shoulders, face, upper back, and chest. Breakouts occur when the pores get clogged and inflammation occurs due to oil along with a buildup of dead skin. Mostly, it occurs during puberty and can last till the middle age.


    Hives occur due to an allergic reaction. They occur as itchy welts on the skin and it can be as small as the pen tip or large as a dinner plate. The hives disappear within 24 hours but about can last for 6 weeks. The skin creams and antihistamines can help to deal with the itchiness.

    Cold sores

    The people between the age of 14 to 49 face the issue of cold sores. This is also referred to as herpes simplex virus (HPV). The cluster can occur in the lip or mouth and they can get clear within 2 weeks.


    Around 16 million people are affected by rosacea. The problem can flush easily as compared to others. The problem can result in skin dryness, redness, red bumps that spread to chin, ears, nose, cheek, chest, and back along with sensitivity.

    If you notice such unwanted symptoms and they are for a long time, then consult the medical expert right away.


    Atopic dermatitis is known as eczema which is common among children. The problem is characterized by scaly patches and dryness on the skin. It appears on the forehead, face, cheeks, hand, and scalp. The problem can last for a long time and it is treated with creams


    It is the most common form of plaque psoriasis. With this condition, the body generates new skin cells within days. The cells start occurring on the skin surface and it leads to scaly patches. In most cases, they appear on the elbows, knees, scalp, and lower back.


    Melanoma looks like a benign mole on the skin but it grows at a fast pace. This can be the reason for skin cancer, so it is essential to catch them early. The problem can also result in death. Fortunately, the problem is treatable when caught early and it is essential to get the diagnosis at the right time.


    Lupus is an autoimmune problem that affects different body parts like skin, lungs, and kidneys. It can occur on the face, mouth, and nose. The problem is triggered by stress, sunlight, ultraviolet light, and environmental issues.

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