Most Common Causes Of Wrinkles


    Most Common Causes Of Wrinkles

    These days’ cosmetic procedures are being widely accepted due to race among the people for looking younger, smart, and healthy and having a great personality. In this race of looking smart, wrinkles are considered as the most common enemy as these are the first sign of aging that is why more men and women are opting the form of facial rejuvenation to defeat this enemy.

    The wrinkle can be in the form of frown lines, crow’s feet and laugh lines and these can be due to various factors like physical conditions or due to environmental conditions. Thus, before choosing any form of cosmetic face rejuvenation it is important to know the cause of these wrinkles.

    Following are some causes for wrinkles

    Following are some causes for wrinkles

    Facial movements

    Your facial movements can also cause wrinkles. It can be hard to believe and is the avoidable reason but it is the most common reason for wrinkles. Our skin has enough elasticity that it can spring back to its position even after great stretching. In the young age this elasticity of skin is larger so it does not matter how we stretch our skin but in old age this stretching can cause wrinkles as with the age production of vital collagen and elastin slows down so support structure of skin gets weaken as a result of which our skin becomes less elastic and gets dry so lead to fine lines, creasing and wrinkles.

    Sun Exposure

    Exposure of sun can also put you in trouble as the UV rays of the sun can cause premature aging and even sometimes permanent skin damage. If you are getting the repeated and excessive exposure of sun then it accelerates the deterioration of collagen fiber which is important to keep skin flexible and elastic.

    Even the UV sun rays can lead to the abnormal division of cell so contributes to the permanent damage of skin or many types of skin allergies. Excessive sun exposure can also lead to skin burns, scars, skin irritation, redness and many other such types of skin problems.

    Weight Fluctuations

    Fluctuation of weight can also be responsible for skin losing or sagging. People want to be slimmer and fit so they get to indulge in weight losing activities like aerobics, yoga, exercise or dieting to lose their fat but some people can have the issue of loose skin after losing excess pounds of weight.

    Even the pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers want to restore their body by removing their skin sags, stretch marks or skin creases.

    There are many factors that can force you to look older than their age but the effective procedures like Botox can help to have younger and rejuvenated face free from aging signs.

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