Chemical Peel – Get That Perfect Skin You Dreamt of


    Chemical Peel – Get That Perfect Skin You Dreamt of

    Every person dream of having perfect skin. They want flawless skin without any scar or patches. Thanks to the technology imperfections can be treated by using different methods. One such method is chemical peel treatment. The chemical peel surgery is one of the best methods to have glowing skin. People who wish to have a spotless skin can go for this treatment.

    Benefits of A Chemical Peel Treatment

    The treatment is absolutely safe and painless. A chemical which is non-toxic is applied on the skin with the help of the fingerprints. It makes the skin properly surfaced and gentle. It helps in removing the layer which is damaged and doesn’t look smooth. Due to the treatment new cells are generated and you will notice a radiant glow on your skin. The treatment can be done on the face, neck, and hands.

    • It reduces the effects of dullness, spots, acne marks, and sun damage.
    • After the treatment, the skin looks smooth and fresh.
    • The texture of the skin is smooth and even.

    What type of treatments are available?

    There are different treatment available for the chemical peel. The doctor will suggest you treatment on the basis of your skin type and the requirement of the patient. There are basically four types of treatments which can be categorized into light peel, medium peel, and deep peel.

    1. Glycolic Peel

    2. TCA Peel

    3. Mandelic Peel

    4. Jessner’s Peel

    What to expect after the treatment?

    It is dependent on the type of treatment you will have. The patient will have redness on the skin when it is peeled. In case of the light peel this process usually takes 7 days.

    In mil peel, the patient will have blisters and swelling that may turn brown. The treatment can be repeated after 6 months. You may need to apply a bandage for some days after the treatment.

    Myths attached to Chemical Peel Treatment

    1. Treatment might not give the best results.

    Truth: Choose the best skin doctor and the best clinic. It is sure that the results will be as per your expectations.

    2. Treatment can be done at home.

    Truth: The treatment cannot be performed at home because it includes acids and chemicals

    3. You have to get the treatment for a lifetime.

    Truth: No, the treatment is stopped once the patient is satisfied and you have to just follow the instructions given by the doctor.

    What you should keep in mind?

    • After the treatment apply sunscreen on the area being treated.
    • You should not apply any acne creams.
    • You should avoid swimming and cosmetic products for a week.

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