Causes of Acne on Jawline


    Causes of Acne on Jawline

    Dealing with the problem of acne or pimple can be very difficult. During puberty when the hormones change the problem occurs. It can occur on the face which includes the jawline. However, the problem can occur at any age. In this guide, we have shared the reasons for having acne on the jawline.

    Acne or pimples can occur anywhere on the body. Mostly, the problem occurs on the face particularly on the T-zone which starts from the forehead and extends to the nose then to the chin. The pimples which occur on the jawline can create a solid bump. It is very important to get them treated at the right time so that it does not give a permanent scar.

    Why acne is caused on jawline?

    Under the skin, there are tiny oil glands which are known as sebaceous glands. It helps in protecting the skin as they produce oil. Oil reaches the skin surface by the small hole which is known as pores.

    But, the problem arises when the pores get clogged with dirt, dead skin cells, and dirt. This can give rise to bacteria to grow there which take the form of the swollen bump which is referred to as pimple. Pimples are solid and red or they might have a collection of white pus on the top of it.

    There are different factors which can lead to oil production which can trigger the issue of acne. It includes:

    • Hormones
    • Stress
    • Medicines such as antidepressants, B vitamins, contraceptives, and corticosteroids.

    Women face this problem more as compared to men. The problem occurs because of the increase in the male hormones which eventually stimulate the oil glands.

    • In some cases, the problem starts when they have their menstrual cycle as the hormonal level changes a lot.
    • It might be possible acne indicate the issue of PCOS in which the women have male hormones in high-level and in the ovaries there are cysts.

    The best option is to seek the help of the doctor for acne treatment. In case, if the problem is severe then the doctor will recommend you acne removal which will solve the problem in a better manner.

    Treating the jawline acne

    To get rid of acne from jawline you need to sue the same treatment which you use to treat acne on parts of the face. You should wash the face at least 2 times a day using a gentle cleanser. There are some natural options like:

    • aloe vera
    • green tea extract
    • tea tree oil
    • azelaic acid
    • zinc

    Other conditions of jaw breakout

    It include boils, roasacea, contact dermatitis, and cellulitis. Whatever the case is seek medical help at early as possible so that the problem does not increase.

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