Caring for Your Skin During the Summer


    Caring for Your Skin During the Summer

    Summer comes along with its positive side and negative side. You won’t enjoy the summer, in case your skin is full of irregularities like dark spots, experiencing itchy rash, sunburn, and acne breakouts.

    As women, there are different skin problems to watch out for when the summer is at hand, especially for those with an oily skin and allergies. The best dermatologist in Punjab tackles some of the easiest ways to care for the skin and as well avoid those worries during the summer.


    The UV rays from the sun can affect the skin in a number of ways. You will have to fully cover your skin while going out or use a sunscreen lotion to prevent the darkening of your skin.

    In addition, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun rays.

    Acne breakouts

    They are common at least you may witness one or two pimples regardless of using any anti-acne cream. Acne escalates when one has an oily skin, and when the sweat mixes with bacteria. Clogging of pores occurs and in case you have an acne-prone skin, you will battle with acne more than you think.

    • Using non-comedogenic products on the face, chest, neck, and the shoulders will help in unclogging pores and preventing acne breakouts

    • Use clean clothes and always wipe away the sweat

    • Anti-acne face wash, mask, and creams can help

    Skin Irritation

    A dry or an oily skin can get irritated for a number of cases. Contact with a non-friendly skin object or affected person can lead to skin irritation during the summers. It may come along with itching and bumps.

    • Apply a sunscreen on your way out

    • Shower with clean water

    • Use a good moisturizer

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