Can i Wax before laser hair removal?


    Can i Wax before laser hair removal?

    Laser hair removal is designed for those, who have unwanted hair growth on certain body parts. And they are unable to get rid of those hairs with the help of waxing and shaving. In this case, they need to seek medical help from a dermatologist to get this treatment.

    Many people opt for Laser Hair Removal because of its many advantages. Laser Hair Reduction procedure is non-invasive, effective, and simple to get rid of unwanted hair growth. This procedure also gives you long-lasting results, so that you wouldn’t need any other type of hair removal procedure. The positive aspect of the operation is that the technique has no side-effects as compared to other hair loss procedures. This procedure does not result in cuts, redness, ingrown hair, and blisters. Treatment is common among men because they have coarse as well as dark hair that appears to develop back faster and thicker if you use a razor to remove hair. 

    Whereas with the injection, the hair gradually starts developing and the existing hair becomes much thinner. After getting this treatment, you do not need to go with any other type of hair removal treatment including razor or wax. 

    One aspect dermatologists prescribe to patients is to stop using other hair removal techniques such as waxing for at least a prior to the procedure. That is important to get the best results and the laser efficiently eliminates all hair from the goal region. The process behind hair removal is the theory of Selective PhotoThermolysis (SPTL) and this is done in a skin clinic, so you have to visit the best clinic to get treatment. 

    Concentrated laser beams do target harm to melanin, which is a type of pigment responsible for coloring the hair. With the help of a laser beam, the cells of the hair follicle are heated in order to destroy the roots of the hair. It means that the hair will not develop back to the goal region.

    Is it OK to wax or shave before surgery?

    Yes, you can simply wax or shave before surgery, because the hair cannot develop back in the target area for a certain amount of time. So, you do not take tension about the result of this procedure, because it is completely working as you desire. 

    The hair growth cycle has three stages such as-:

    •  Anagen
    •  Catagen
    •  Telogen phase.

    You need to get 6 to 8 sessions of this procedure to get permanent results. Well, the number of sessions depends on the hair growth and color of the hair. So, you must visit our dermatologist to get a laser hair removal procedure perfectly.

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