What are the best treatment options for treating vitiligo successfully?


What are the best treatment options for treating vitiligo successfully?

Many times patients are told that there is no treatment for vitiligo. Well, that’s not true but there are treatment options. The latest vitiligo treatment in India helps the patients to make things better and the entire condition can be handled in the right manner. Let’s understand the treatment for vitiligo as we have mentioned in this article for your understanding:

How does the doctor give the treatment?

  • If the patient comes for vitiligo treatment, the doctor will ask for whether the patient has an autoimmune disease. Most of the time patients do not know that they have additional autoimmune problems.
  • The doctor will look at your skin to determine how much your body is affected by vitiligo and whether there are any signs that it is highly active, stable, active, or getting higher.

The doctor will use a wood lamp that is known as black light to help them notice the changes which might not be seen in room light. The doctor will use a magnifying glass to help them see the spots correctly up close.

  • The doctor does a detailed diagnosis to make sure the spots are nothing more than vitiligo which can be seen frequently and it needs treatment differently.



Giving the treatment plan

Based on what the doctor hears or gets the diagnosis results, the doctor will provide the treatment plan which can make your condition better. Every patient’s condition is different so treatment plans will be developed accordingly. Every patient will have different emotional reactions for vitiligo.

  • If the patient has just a few spots then the doctor will suggest them topical steroids 2 times a week. Alternatively, it is with tacrolimus which is given 2 times for one week.s
  • For kids, less potent steroids are given as still they are growing and the skin is extremely delicate. The patients need to use it back and forth for a couple of months. The patient is expected to see the results within 2 to 3 months.
  • If the spots are on the genitals, face, underarms, or face then they need to use tacrolimus because these areas are sensitive to use for chronic steroids.
  • For small areas, the ideal choice is to use excimer laser treatment. The face is extremely responsive to all those treatments and the patients are extremely happy when they see the results. If the patient has too many spots then topical treatment is suggested.
  • The treatment is given 2 to 3 visits per week and each treatment takes only 1 to 4 minutes and the patient can see the improvement within 2 to 3 months.
  • The way nbUVB treatment is given is essential and it needs to be done correctly. If the spots are getting bigger, then oral steroids are started that helps to slow down the spread of disease.


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