9 Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal You Must Know


9 Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal You Must Know

As women, we definitely desire a beautiful appearance and that means that every irregularity of the skin must be dealt with. Unwanted body hair is one of the most dealt with issue in women today, though men also find themselves battling with unwanted hair.

Hirsutism is one of the commonest problems in women today, an issue caused by PCOS. To get rid of the PCOS problem you need to consult with the infertility specialist. Apart from that, laser hair removal is attained to achieve a hair-free body that every woman desires.

There are basically various types of lasers used by dermatologists and these include;

  • YAG Laser

  • IPL

  • Ruby Laser

  • Alexandrite Laser

  • Diode Laser

Since laser hair removal in India is one of the leading treatments in the dermatologist centres, individuals must be aware of the various side effects that may manifest themselves after the procedure and they include

Skin Burn

Lasers are professionally used by dermatologists, but some patients may witness skin burn, especially those with a darker skin. This occurs because a darker skin absorbs more heat than a light skin.

Eye Injuries

Lasers emit a given amount of light energy, but this light may injure your eyes during the process and that is why safety goggles must be utilized by both the patient and the dermatologist

Hyperpigmentation & Hypopigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of the skin, whereas Hypopigmentation is the lightening of the skin after a laser procedure. These cases occur when the laser stimulates melanin production or inhibit melanin production respectively

Crusting & Scab formation

Skin crusting and scab formation may occur in case one has a sensitive skin. Mild bruising may also be experienced, but these fade with time.


Swelling can occur in the treated area and you can utilize ice packs to relief swelling

Itching & Irritation

Traditional ablative lasers are known to produce more effects on the skin than non-ablative lasers. The modern lasers are associated with a less downtime plus itching and irritation only subside within a few days.

Sensitivity to the sun

Since the laser light is directed to the skin that may at times cause burns, it renders your skin delicate and you will automatically get trouble in direct sunlight. It is best to stay out of the sun and in case required to move out, a sunscreen is recommended


Lasers are commonly used to treat scars, but they can also cause scarring in some patients. A proper skin evaluation is conducted by the best dermatologist in India to prevent scarring.


In case a more invasive laser was used, a dermatologist may prescribe painkillers to relieve pain after the laser treatment procedure.

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