Vitiligo Treatment in Ludhiana, White Patches Treatment in Ludhiana


    Vitiligo Treatment in Ludhiana, White Patches Treatment in Ludhiana

    Vitiligo is the condition of skin in which the infected person loses the blotches of colors with the unpredictable extent and rate of color loss. This condition can be seen on any part of the body including hair and the internal side of the mouth.

    Vitiligo causes the death of cells which produce melanin that gives color to skin or hair. However, it is a completely curable disease and is not life-threatening or contagious. Treatment of vitiligo ensures the restoration of the color of skin.

    Here are some important facts about this disease, its treatment and latest researches related to this disease.

    Since 2,000 years, reaches has been conducting in vitiligo

    In the ancient times, patients of vitiligo in Ludhiana used to chew bavachee seeds while sitting in sun to get rid of this disease. The bavachee seeds contained psoralen which helps to restore the functioning of melanin so restore hair or skin color. The chemical found in these seeds is being used even today for the modern treatments.

    In the modern methodology, pills containing psoralen are given to patient along with the UAV light therapy to treat vitiligo condition of their skin or hair so the treatment basics for this condition are based on ancient beliefs being practiced two thousand years ago.

    It is the autoimmune disease

    It has been noticed in many studies that vitiligo is the autoimmune disease in which the immune cells attack the melanocytes and make them abnormal and even ends up with the killing of them as a result patient can have lost blotches of the skin from the related part.

    So even the treatments are being developed that could modify and alter the immune system so that this disease can be cured.
    The latest research has been categorized into three types and all types are connected to reach a final decision

    In the first type of research the human blood and skin samples were tested and the second time the research was conducted by collecting the cells of mice. In the third research, the new drug was tested to treat the vitiligo condition of the skin. So in the end, all researches were considered to reach final results.

    The key pathways to treat vitiligo has been identified in research

    Scientists have recognized the key pathway to treat this condition and they found the better way than shutting down the entire immune system of the body. So they reached the result that it is good t continue with metaphor and to use drugs to treat the immune system cells related to infected areas of the body rather than entire immune cells of the body.
    Already green signal was given for the clinical trials of vitiligo

    Clinically the treatment has been provided for this skin disorder and even new treatments are about to introduce for this disease which is really good news for the patients with vitiligo.


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