New Technology of Laser Acne Scar

Acne scar which is the problem of every individual earlier it was done with traditional techniques used to remove them but modern technique laser acne treatment has totally replaced it. In this technique, modern machines are used to remove acne scar. Laser acne scar treatment in India is at a new level due to our professional doctors and world’s best staff.


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What is Laser Acne Scar?

It refers to a method used to lessen acne, both non – inflammatory (milia, whiteheads, and black heads ) and inflammatory include cysts, papules, pustules, and nodules. Topical treatment can include retinoids like retina – A or oral medication like Accutane. Other methods for treatment include salicylic acid peel, laser and LED therapies, intense pulsed light, and Fraxel laser.

Advantages of Laser Acne scar treatment

  • It works in harmony with the structure of the skin tissue
  • It is safe
  • The frequency of treatment is every one to two weeks
  • Strong surgeries are not there
  • Safe from harsh chemicals
  • Quick painless procedure

Side Effects of Laser Acne Scar treatment

  • High intensity may burn and can cause swelling, cyst, crusting and oozing
  • The uneven color of sensitive skin in the treated area
  • Insistent laser treatment may cause eczema, cyst and saggy skin
  • It may have blood spotting which may take about one week to heal
  • Discomfort and redness

Prevention of acne scar

  • Treat acne as soon as it develops
  • Do not pick, pop or squeeze out at a pimple
  • Do not pick at scabs
  • Reduce inflammation
  • See the doctor if you get deep, large breakage and acne cysts
  • You should if you are prone to scarring

Cost of Laser acne scar treatment

Laser acne scar treatment in India is not so much costly. Its cost depends upon laser used. Our hospital uses the latest technique and advanced treatment. We are no.1 in the market with the best treatment at a good price.