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The Effects of Humidity and Heat on Your Skin

Excess heat or humidity cause various skin issues, so watch out. When it’s summer, we love to cool off by heading to the beach, putting on short pants or skirts, sundresses, among others. You will also probably desire to hang out more with your friends than in the winters. That means, more holidays, more camping, […]

Dangers Of The Tanning Beds

Tanned skin is the one form of the damaged skin. Researchers show that tanned skin leads to wrinkles, age spots, premature aging etc. Vitamin D is essential to provide the protective shield to safe one from the various skin problems. 90% of the tanning dangers are caused by the Ultraviolet rays (UV rays). Tanning dangers […]

Eczema could be connected to Your Alcoholism, Obesity, & Smoking

30% of the adult population have ever battled with Eczema, which is one of the commonest skin conditions in white people. The skin disorder affects both children and adults and mostly appears during the summer. Also known as “Atopic dermatitis”, eczema is a skin condition where the skin becomes inflamed, itchy, red, rash, and cracked. […]

Caring for Your Skin During the Summer

Summer comes along with its positive side and negative side. You won’t enjoy the summer, in case your skin is full of irregularities like dark spots, experiencing itchy rash, sunburn, and acne breakouts. As women, there are different skin problems to watch out for when the summer is at hand, especially for those with an […]

Fighting Wrinkles Soon than you Thought

Much as many may think wrinkles only appear in their 50s and above, many find themselves struggling with eliminating aging signs as early as 27 years. Aging signs appear differently in women and at times, premature aging is stimulated by personal habits or poor lifestyle that can reduce blood supply to the skin and so […]

What makes the Varicose Veins Treatment Successful?

Though many dermatologists claim to effectively treat Varicose veins, the truth is that many patients have had to suffer the most due to failed treatment. Varicose veins are not easily treated due to the fact that there are different veins to watch out for, plus an effective treatment plan must be drawn before the treatment. […]

Can my Eczema disappear with Tanning and Controlled UV rays?

As many wait for the summer time to properly strip and head to the beach for fun, others are yearning for the summertime to treat, cure, and erode their Eczema. According to some individuals, summertime is the perfect time to just lay down in the sand and expose the Eczema affected skin. The UV rays […]

Cell phone is bringing disturbance on skin

When you awake in the morning and feel the state of horror in front of the mirror, wondering how did you get acne suddenly. The blame goes to the shiny smartphone, when you use your phone, you are actually rubbing oils, old makeup, and bacteria in your skin. Influences on skin 1) Acne: The major […]