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To provide friendly and quality skin treatments with a major goal of transforming your outward appearance.

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Our Laser Edge

We are a highly advanced skin hospital with both Ablative and Non Ablative Lasers such as, CO2 Lasers, Erbium, Picosecond, IPL lasers, and Clear + Brilliant lasers

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We are experts at using the latest technology in treating all types of skin diseases for awesome results. We promise nothing less

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Welcome to Mohan Skin Disease Hospital

Due to a variety of issues that range from medical, environmental, and genetic conditions, men and women have found themselves battling a wide range of skin infections unexpectedly. Skin disorders are some of the major issues that cause mental and physical torture to a patient. These conditions may be triggered due to an inner health problem or an outside condition.

Either way, an examination, diagnosis and effective treatment is required to overcome the threat. For effective diagnosis and treatment, we present to you one of the best and leading skin disease hospital in India.

The hospital deals in a vast range of skin treatments and each patient seeking skin treatment in India gets an opportunity to interact with the skin specialists before any further step is taken. Attain the best solutions to your skin problem from the leading and modern skin hospital in India

Meet Dr. Mohan Singh


He is member of many associations & societies. His areas of active interest are lasers, cosmetic dermatology, derma- surgery (Vitligo surgery, Hair transplantation), photo therapy etc. His skin diseases hospital deals with all types of conventional and difficult dermatology cases and is the only private skin diseases hospital in north India having indoor admitting facility.

The skin specialist alongside his highly experienced staff provide skin treatment in Phagwara in a modern state-of-the-art-hospital with ideal expertize. Patients are treated from an ecosystem environment 100% hygienic and friendly.

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Acne is one of the commonest skin conditions that arise when the follicle of the skin gland is blocked or clogged. At least 78% of all humans, especially women, have once suffered from acne. It may be minor or a major acne breakout, but the most important part is…


There are different types of scars that include, contracture scars, acne scars, keloid scars and hypertrophic scars. Our treatment options depend on the type of scars and they include dermabrasion, laser surgery, skin grafting, injections, and other…


A Chemical Peel is a chemical solution treatment applied on the face and the neck to cause exfoliation in order to obtain a smoother and youthful face. The results are much better depending on the type of chemical peel used…


Skin aging is normal, but when one experience wrinkles and fine lines while still young, there is a reason to worry. Many habits and practices lead or increase the rate of aging. Our experts provide different anti-aging…


There are many procedures that fall under plastic surgery. They may also be termed as cosmetic procedures meant to alter and produce a perfect shape and appearance of the body. They include rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and reduction, thigh lifts, scar revisions, lip augmentation, and many…


FUE & FUT hair transplant procedures are provided to help restore your hair. Our experts will help you forget hair loss or baldness with the help of their artistry and aesthetic skills. The therapies include, Mesotherapy, PRP, and Stem-cell therapy to help treat hair loss and skin…


70% of humans are affected by different types of allergies. To some, they are severe while in others minor. Either way, allergies may make your life complicated and hinder you from enjoying life as you ought to. Each type is treated differently, so approach our doctors to help you…


It is a common skin disorder where it loses its natural color forming patches all over the body. Laser treatment, creams, light therapy, micropigmentation, and skin grafting can help one overcome the problem…

Find the best advanced skin treatment in Punjab for your particular skin problem from the leading skin disease hospital. Consultation, diagnostic procedures, blood tests, surgeries, and related treatments are performed in a professional manner

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